Priority Labs employs a FEI 200 FIB to perform device cross-sections, ion induced charge contrasting and device micro-surgery. With full capability to selectively deposit and/or mill (etch) conductive and insulative materials. Our FIB can operate at a wide range of ion beam currents from 1pA to 20nA with 1,000 times magnification to over 100,000 times magnification.

With this FIB, Priority Labs can cross-section something as small as a single transistor to something as large as a section of a die bump or wire bond.

Ion Induced Charge Contrasting is useful to identify whether metal traces are shorted or have been completely cut open.

Micro-Surgery has multiple versatile uses including design modifications, circuit isolation (cuts & jumpers), selective probe pad deposition (tap & place). Device Micro-Surgery is a low cost, low cycle time alternative for design debug as opposed to making costly mask changes.

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